Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier confirmed for UFC 264!

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Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier confirmed for UFC 264!

The main fight of the UFC 264 event has also been officially confirmed. After Dustin Poirier, the contract was signed by Conor McGregor, and the two of them will fight against each other for the third time, also for the second time this year, after the January spectacle on Fight Island.

Before it was officially announced by the UFC or ESPN, McGregor tried to be faster than the UFC, informing all his followers via Instagram when they would be able to see him in action again. "The fight is booked!
July 10th you’re gonna see what the Mac is about.
Adjust and absolutely fu ** ing destroy!

#BilliStrut "- Conor wrote, with the hashtag announcing his famous move named" Billionaire Strut ", so as not to forget how he will once again make huge money with this fight. Conor has previously announced that he intends to return to his old image, that is, that he will leave behind the image of a good guy, with whom he approached the last two fights.

Mental games

Therefore, we can probably expect mental games and various provocations towards Poirier, through which he did a great job in their first fight days before entering the Octagon. That wasn’t the case in January of this year, and Conor probably regrets allowing Dustin to enter the Octagon without playing with his mind a bit beforehand.

This time, however, it will be harder for Conor to mentally affect Dustin, who will certainly be able to build his self-confidence and security on the fact that he celebrated in the last fight. But Conor knows how risky he is in this fight and how another defeat by the same fighter, a fighter he convincingly defeated a few years ago, could have a negative effect on his brand.

That is why we should not be surprised if this time he decides to use every weapon available to him. McGregor given the experience he possesses, should know how to deal with pressure, even though he hasn’t been used to losing as has been the case lately.

Poirier, as we have already said, is certainly in the lead now because of the victory he has achieved, but regardless, McGregor wants revenge and we have no doubt that he will be the most prepared so far. Of course, McGregor will make an even bigger spectacle, and we can only wait impatiently for their duel.