Covington thinks he will be a 'backup' in the match between Usman and Masvidal

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Covington thinks he will be a 'backup' in the match between Usman and Masvidal

Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal will fight on April 24 in Jacksonville, Florida, in their rematch and also fight for the UFC welterweight title. Masvidal thus got a new chance after failing to defeat Usman in July last year.

As Masvidal accepted the fight just over a week before it took place, Usman felt the need to finish the job with him after he had completed the full training camp. That leaves Colby Covington, a fighter who was defeated by Usman at the end of 2019 and who performed only once last year.

That way, he convincingly defeated Tyron Woodley, after which he turned down several offered fights, such as the one against Leon Edwards. While waiting for what will happen in the near future and how it will affect his career, in a conversation with Schmo, he revealed his attitude towards what is being prepared this month.

"I'm going to be number one after all. You know what Marty Fakenewsman does, he's looking for the easiest fights possible and he doesn't want to give people what they want to see."


"It's clear I led 3-1 in the rounds in our fight.

Marc Goddard saved his life in that fight. He gave him a break a couple of times when he shouldn’t and he ended the fight I was still in too early." "I deserve that rematch and I’m waiting for it, it’s the only fight I want.

The only thing that still makes sense to me is Jorge Masvidal because we used to be friends, and we know what is happening today, we’ve become big rivals, ”he revealed as he looks at what’s going to happen and where he actually sees his chance.

The UFC didn’t announce him as an official fight reserve so he did it by himself. As all three fighters are from Florida, so he has no intention of missing a trip to Jacksonville where he certainly won’t just sit and watch what happens.

"Everyone knows I'm the backup of that fight. The UFC didn't tell me that, but I think it goes without saying. Whatever happens, if someone gets COVID or just gets scared and runs away, I'm here and it's the right path for me."

"I live in Miami, a three-and-a-half-hour drive away. I'll take the bus to Jacksonville and show up for the fight. I'll be there and ready to jump in. My goal is to provide good fights and capitalize on the best days of my career, which I'm just in. "- 'Chaos' revealed his intentions