Jon Jones: "I wish my relationship with Dana White is better"

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Jon Jones:  "I wish my relationship with Dana White is better"

Last weekend, discussions between Jon Jones and the UFC started and the main topic was his income. In fact, the discussion quickly turned into Jones ’Twitter monologues, with the fact that he hasn’t given a real interview since.

That’s why he remembered one from nine months ago. That way, he was hosted by Steve O in his Wild Ride show, and the topic of Jon's dissatisfaction was immediately raised, but also the fact that he is currently in an ungrateful situation.

"My biggest problem is that this is different from other professions. In any other profession, if you're not happy with how they treat you, you just leave them and go to another boss, see if he appreciates you more."

"If I want to leave the UFC, I would also be forced to retire. But I also believe that the owners of Bellator and some other promotions have enough money in the background and that they could pay if given the chance to have Jon Jones as the face of their promotion, "Jones revealed and he added that there was a problem that he was bound by a contract.

The one he signed no less than a year before he first began to show displeasure. "If I could get a chance to leave the UFC, I'd be huge for another organization. I wish my relationship with Dana is better, at least like it used to be."

"I know he wants to make hundreds of millions on me, but I don't think he likes me anymore. I have never been invited to hang out with him. I am not exactly one of his favorite people. And the worst thing is that it has been brought to a personal level.

I would like to be in a company where I feel like at home, "he said

Comfortable situation

After that, they turned to the fight and what should happen for Jones to perform soon. He revealed that he is in a comfortable situation because he has no need to fight any time soon and that he is ready to wait as long as necessary.

He even added that he intends to use his name and status to fight for all the other fighters, even somewhat melodramatically presenting himself as their representative. But he still sticks to what he announced then. "I have no desire to fight soon.

I have nothing to lose in this position. I have no interest in fighting until I get paid as much as I think I'm worth." "I believe the UFC will realize they're stubborn and that they have one particular athlete in me.

Then we could meet at I don't have a specific number, I know it was a pandemic, but I'm also aware that I have a voice that can make a difference in the whole platform, I know some fighters who live in the gym because they can't afford an apartment, and they fight in the UFC."

"If I fight for it, people will remember me more for it than for the belts I won, ”is a statement that will surely be commented on in various ways in the coming days.