The fighter lost his finger in the MMA promotion

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The fighter lost his finger in the MMA promotion

A very good American MMA promotion, the Cage Fury Fighting Championship, held a new show yesterday, and one of the fights on the program was a middleweight duel between former Olympian Khetag Pliev and Devin Goodale. This fight, also a “co-main event” of the CFFC 94 event ended in a very bizarre way.

Namely, the fight was interrupted in the moments between the second and third rounds, when Pliev noticed in the corner that he was missing the upper part of the ring finger of his left hand. At first glance, it seemed incredible to everyone that such things could happen Shock reigned among those present, but also among official commentators, John Morgan and CM Punk, who could not believe what had just happened.

A medical service entered the cage and stopped the fight, after which Plieva was referred to a doctor and the search for a finger that could be anywhere inside the arena or the hall began.

Searching for a finger

During the search for the finger, which included all the audience present, it was discovered that the upper part of the finger remained in the glove, ie the part where those present, in the unexpected shock inside which they found themselves, did not initially look.

In that situation, nothing was strange given the panic that reigned. It is currently unknown in what part of the action-cramped fight the incident occurred. How serious the injury was can best be seen from a photo posted by the president of the promotion, Robert Haydak, who at first thought it was an April Fool’s joke.

Of course, we will not share it. Fortunately, everything went well in the end. Such information was obtained by Marc Raimondi from MMA Fighting, who spoke with Pliev, who revealed to him that despite the injury he wanted to continue the fight and that he was actually most sorry that it was interrupted.

Raimondi also came across a photo where we see how the doctors successfully did their job and that the finger is back in place. This is the first incident of a similar nature as we can remember, and the circumstances that led to it will be known after the analysis of the fight leads to the conclusion at which point the upper part of the finger literally broke off from the rest.

At the moment, the most important thing is that everything went well and the 37-year-old fighter is expected to fully recover. We can certainly hope that similar situations will not occur in the future and that there will be as few of them as possible, but we are aware of how dangerous the UFC can be and thus we can see how UFC fighters risk sometimes