Jones thinks he deserves to earn huge money in the match with Ngannou

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Jones thinks he deserves to earn huge money in the match with Ngannou

Jon Jones and the UFC began negotiations over a fight with Francis Ngannou, but after just a short phone conversation we learned that we were miles away from a final deal. Quite expected, in line with that "show me the money" message that emerged after 'Predator' knocked out Stipe Miocic, Jones set a price that the UFC will find very difficult to meet.

Perhaps the best fighter in the history of MMA recently had a conversation with UFC Executive Vice President Hunter Campbell and made it clear that a potential fight with a heavyweight champion will cost them more than $ 10 million!

"I had a brief phone meeting with UFC‘s lawyer Hunter a few days ago. As of right now I expressed to him that anywhere around eight to $10 million would be way too low for a fight of this magnitude. That’s all that has been discussed so far.
"Jones wrote on Twitter.

'Bones' did not define whether it was a guaranteed fee or total earnings, which included, among other things, a percentage of PPV revenue. But let’s mention that the UFC has never given anyone, at least not according to publicly available information, a guaranteed fee of more than $ 3 million.

And that, let us recall, is the amount that went to Conor McGregor for his fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov.


Jones explained in a new series of ‘tweets’ on Wednesday that he is looking for big money for several reasons.

One is that he is aware of the fact that the match between him and Francis will attract a lot of attention. In addition, the most successful light heavyweight in the history of MMA believes that after all those years of dominance he finally deserves one big ‘payday’.

"I've been killing myself for years, struggling with concussions, surgeries, the toughest possible competition the UFC could offer me during my 20s and for that, I would be paid some two million per fight. I'm just trying to make as much as I deserve, and that's a fight which all of us fighters believe is possible one day, "Jones explained his request, adding: "I tweeted 'show me the money' and it obviously pissed the boss off.

What a lesson it was. I have a feeling Conor sent that same tweet that it would be one night of whiskey." "I believe I was heavily underpaid during my 20s. I don't even whine about it, but I want things to be done the right way in the future.

I believe this is a monumental fight." "Matches like this don't come very often in life. If I stopped Francis in my heavyweight debut it would be extraordinary. But against Foreman , but with the UFC as the host.

This match has the potential to attract hundreds of thousands of new fans from all over the world. I can feel in my bones how big this could be, "Jones wrote through several tweets.