Ngannou: "Jones wants this fight because it will be the biggest fight of his career"

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Ngannou: "Jones wants this fight because it will be the biggest fight of his career"

You don’t need too much knowledge about MMA and the state of the martial arts scene to conclude that the fight between Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones is the biggest fight that can currently be organized in the UFC. Heavyweight champion against the most successful fighter in history, with the addition that both are interesting characters and they have also interesting backgrounds.

Yet, shortly after Ngannou came to the title, it became clear that the fight would not be easy to arrange. At a press conference, Dana White began to provoke Jones and his desire for a large fee, which he immediately expressed.

White even wondered if Jones wanted that fight, adding that by putting money in the foreground he was showing that he wasn't quite sure about it. His potential opponent, on the other hand, is sure Jones really wants a fight.

Ngannou revealed this in an interview with TMZ, to which he dedicated a couple of his minutes. "I believe Jon Jones wants this fight. He wants it to happen because it's going to be a massive fight, a mega fight. One of the biggest ever.

He's been here a long time and he's been a champion for a long time, but I think it would definitely be the biggest fight of his career." "It would be the same for me. He wants it because of his legacy and I really believe he really wants that fight," Ngannou commented on the intentions of his potential opponent, adding that in fact, he is not much different.

"He wants to see money and I think it makes sense. For a mega-fight, everyone wants a mega fee, so do I. I want that fight and I want good money, that's how every fighter would behave." "There is nothing irrational in that, completely normal behavior.

We all do this to make big money one day. To have that fight that will secure us. When that moment comes, then you start thinking about it. So to me, his message is a confirmation that he wants a fight. It's just we need to pay him and we will fight.


Message to Jones

He was also asked if he had a message for Jones, regarding what he could expect from him and what kind of fight awaits him. "My message to Jones would be to prepare and be serious and get to work because the fight is going to happen and it's the biggest challenge of his life."

"I'm not going to play with him like all his previous opponents. He will feel the difference. He can pack on the pounds, it will not reduce my strength and the power of my blow, "the new champion told him. Francis has already said he wants to fight as early as the summer and the UFC is likely to make it happen for him. Whether he will have Jon Jones or Derrick Lewis on the other side, Jones will probably wonder