Luke Rockhold: "Dana White is an egoistic guy who behaves like a tyrant"

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Luke Rockhold: "Dana White is an egoistic guy who behaves like a tyrant"

Former middleweight champion Luke Rockhold has decided to fire a few shots at UFC President Dani White. Rockhold earned most of his money as a fighter and model, and when asked to compare two different worlds, he found that he found himself in this other business because he didn’t want to be dependent on the UFC and to their unfair offers.

"In the martial world, they work like a mafia. They have very mafia tactics in negotiations, they try to f*** with you. And I have no intention of tolerating that." "If you don't know your value, then someone else will reveal it to you, and that will be less than what you are actually worth."

"Therefore, it's better for you to know your real value. Once I lost the title, Dana White approached me and tried to mentally beat me, but I didn’t want to endure that and I immediately showed my * f*** you’ attitude."

" I decided to do what I want and let it be known that I can't be fooled by some s*** offer. That's why I started working as a model, mostly to not depend on them and that I can set myself up, "Rockhold said for the Rippin 'It podcast.

White is a tyrant

The former champion then compared White to a tyrant. "We don't have an authority body, but we have an egoistic guy who behaves like a tyrant in a way. It's unfortunate that this guy thinks he's a fighter and can fight."

"I don't understand why he tries to belittle all fighters when he didn't fight one day in his life. You are a promoter. We need a competent body that will allow people to get what they deserve. He is not playing this game the way he should, "the 36-year-old American concluded on the subject.

We haven't seen Rockhold in action since he was knocked out in July 2019 in his light heavyweight debut by today's champion Jan Blachowicz. Although it has been rumored for some time that Luke could return in 2020, this did not happen in the end and now the plan is somewhat different and includes a return to the middleweight division.

"Some realistic forecast says I could go back in the summer, approximately in the late summer. I have to prepare my body well. I constantly have shoulder problems, but finally, the situation improves and I get to the point that I have confidence regarding that."

"I'm trying to get back to form and it's a great feeling. It's good to be in the gym again, and that fire in me is slowly coming back, "he revealed recently in an interview with TMZ Sports.