Aljamain Sterling:"It turns out we can break the rules and nothing will happen to us"

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Aljamain Sterling:"It turns out we can break the rules and nothing will happen to us"

Three weeks after becoming the UFC bantamweight champion, Aljamain Sterling addressed the media attending the UFC 260 event. Answering their questions, he revealed his current attitude towards what happened in the last fight, ie the illegal knee with which the previous champion Petr Yan disabled him to continue the fight.

It was not difficult to notice a change in rhetoric and attitude towards the former champion and at the same time his probable next opponent. "In any other sport, when you do something illegal, they suspend you, punish you, and they ban you from the game.

And this guy will be rewarded with a rematch, which is a big fight." "It turns out we can break the rules and nothing will happen to us. So I can overleap the Octagon and nothing will happen to me. I can go to the other corner and attack one of the opponent's colleagues or push him away after the bell and nothing will happen to me."

"If you have some rules you have to follow them, you have to impose them. Or just let it all be without them, "Sterling said, adding: "I think that ass should have been suspended or punished in some similar way.

They could have paid me a certain amount of money for an illegal foul, for which I could be left without a few years of my career."


He explained that he accepts the rematch, as he believes that without a real victory over Yan he will not be accepted as a real champion.

But the question is when he could be ready, because of the consequences the fight has brought him. "I was suspended in Nevada for 45 days without contact. So I'm not training yet. But I've felt neck problems again so we're currently trying to plan my next move."

"I don't know if we're ready to go to another training camp right now. Don't forget it, that guy withdrew from the first fight, which we were supposed to do in December, and I was planning to undergo surgery right after that.


"We did this fight. Unfortunately, I started to feel muscle fatigue in my left arm and partial atrophy of my left triceps. It's not good" ”Sterling revealed his current condition. Is this a provocation or a change in the attitude of a fighter who until recently claimed that Yan is the only fight that makes sense to him at the moment? Are these already psychological games before the fight? How serious are his injuries really and when could he come back? These are all questions that we will be looking for answers to soon.