Daniel Cormier feels sad about Stipe Miocic

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Daniel Cormier feels sad about Stipe Miocic

Daniel Cormier was one of the three official UFC commentators for the UFC 260 event, which is especially interesting since he is a former big rival of Stipe Miočić. As the two of them have done three fights with each other in the last three years, DC knows Stipe very well, but he has also a special connection with him.

Tensions no longer exist between them, as could be seen through several encounters during “Fight Week,” and DC discovered this even after the fight. During this week's episode of the DC & Helwani show on ESPN, Cormier expressed his enthusiasm for Ngannou's performance, while he expressed great sympathy for Miočić and revealed why he went through the fight very emotionally, especially some of her specific moments.

"What was very difficult for me as an athlete and commentator was the moment Stipe was in his corner between the first and second rounds." "They told him what he had to do and how he had to raise his activity, to which he just said 'I know'

But it was a sad moment. I felt sad for him because I felt like he realized it was going to be really hard, "DC said, further explaining what exactly he meant: "We as athletes know when it's going to be tough.

I know he's a champion who will never give up on a challenge and indeed he tried to be more active that second round." "But I think he realized that lifting his activity would throw him into bigger trouble after everything he experienced the first round.


The facial expression of Miocic

It was clear to many what could happen and rarely did anyone actually misses to mention Stipe's facial expression. Cormier realizes how difficult it is for a fighter, especially if it was a champion who entered the fight just five minutes earlier full of confidence.

"It was hard to watch and I was sad. He seemed discouraged after he was pushed down and lost the first round. Besides, he lost the technical hitting battle. Wherever he thought he had the advantage, he lost in the first round.

it was so hard to watch, ”DC concluded his impression. It seems that Ngannou was really prepared like never before and that Miocic simply didn't have any chances. Ngannou seems to be predominant for all opponents at the moment and it will be interesting to see if anyone can dethrone him