Woodley: "I don't regret my aggression as that's what God created me to do"

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Woodley: "I don't regret my aggression as that's what God created me to do"

The best fight of the UFC 260 event was the one between Tyron Woodley and Vicente Luque. A fight that did not bring the former champion the satisfaction he had hoped for. After three defeats in a row, but also an even worse impression that he left after that performance, the former champion hoped to rise from the ashes and was not far from it.

At one point he had Vicente Luque shaken, but the Brazilian managed to recover, then retaliate against Woodley in the same way and eventually finish him off. If we don’t count the defeat by Colby Covington, which occurred during the fifth round due to injury, this is the first time Woodley is finished since 2012 and the second overall in his career.

It seems that he still preferred to fall like this than he did against Usman or Burns when he was dominated for a full five rounds. After a sleepless night, Tyron addressed the public via Instagram. "S *** was going really well until it wasn't.

My camp pushed me in ways I haven't been pushed in a while. I committed, and swore to myself I would bring the tiger out that earned me gold." "I saw the opportunity for the KO and got too excited. Paid a big cost.

I don't regret my aggression as that's what God created me to do. Luque Vicente is a tough and humble fighter. Was an honor to share the cage with you tonight. "

Dana White on the fight

Although he was defeated by submission this time, we can’t escape the fact that Woodley looked much better than in the previous three fights.

He endangered his opponent and got into a good situation, but it was this desire to prove that he was still not done that cost him. As for the continuation of his career, Dana White had a divided opinion and he was impressed at the press conference.

"How old is Tyron, 39? 39! There are also four defeats in a row, yes ..." White said initially, then added: "He went through a lot of criticism, but this time he came to fight. He was taken out on a shield, he came to be a fighter.

" We don’t know what Woodley’s situation is when it comes to contracts, but we’ve seen a few examples where fighters with four defeats in a row would still remain part of the promotion. Andrei Arlovski even had five of them, only to be able to return and four years later he is still a member of the promotion. Maybe there's still some real fight for Woodley, too.