Jones vs Ngannou: A spectacle that could happen soon

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Jones vs Ngannou: A spectacle that could happen soon

The fight between Francis Ngannou and Derrick Lewis is an interesting idea. Lewis is one of two fighters who managed to defeat the UFC champion, and besides, their first fight was arid and they were automatically obliged to do so.

It would be a good and quality fight for the title of heavyweight champion. But that fight would not be nearly as spectacular as the one between Ngannou and Jones. Absolutely everyone is aware of this and with good reason, it has become an incredibly interesting martial art theme.

And it didn't go well, so yesterday we followed the quarrels between Jones and Dana White, mostly with Jones' Twitter monologues, but it was as if the passions were starting to calm down. At least we can conclude that from Jones' "tweet" which ended his action yesterday on that social network.

"I'm going to try to stay faithful. There's still time for the UFC to do the right thing. I'm supposed to be seeing a fight proposal next week. Fingers are crossed, this is an opportunity of a lifetime for everyone involved."

Problem for Jones

A problem for Jones can arise if Dana White adheres to what he openly told Jones. He told him that if he wanted that fight, all he had to do was to call and to tell him that it could be arranged immediately.

Why would Jones have a problem calling? Probably the thing is that the one who asks for a fight first has a worse negotiating position at the start, especially when it comes to finances. It is an unwritten rule that whoever has launched the initiative will be willing to make concessions, which Jones does not want this way.

He has already said that his fight will come only when he is paid the way the best fighter in history should be paid. In fact, negotiations have already started the moment Ngannou became a UFC champion and this is their first phase.

It will be interesting to see how things go. Will Ngannou nonetheless be the one to challenge Jones and thus do a favor to UFC fans, but on the other hand, the question is how much does Ngannou care about finances, and will it be the first thing he decides whether there will be their match.

We are aware that they are both doing very well financially, and really that should not be an obstacle to a great spectacle