Francis Ngannou has three new options in the plan for the next fight

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Francis Ngannou has three new options in the plan for the next fight

Not much time has passed since the fight and, as expected, the combinations around the next opponent of Francis Ngannou, have already started. On Sunday, 'Predator' stopped Stipe Miočić and with a knockout from the second round, he took the title from the best heavyweight in the history of the UFC, but also settled the scores, avenging the defeat from 2018.

Is Jon Jones next in line? "Obviously Jones makes more sense to me. Anyway, I intend to fight. If Jones doesn't make the transfer to the heavyweight, the category has to get on with his life. As the new champion, I decided to go ahead and make the heavyweight a more active category than it has been in the last two or three years, "Francis told at a news conference.

Many believe that Miočić, considering all the achievements, but also one victory against Ngannou, deserves the opportunity to immediately try to regain what he lost in Las Vegas ... "I don't feel the need to do that right now.

He said I won't be a champion until he retires. Who knows, maybe he'll retire now. But if that's not the case, I'll be open to fighting." "I lost to him once, and he has a reputation as the best heavyweight of all time.

It makes sense to fight him. I have always been someone who has been looking for an activity and I hope that now, with a belt in hand, I will be even more active. I will be able to do two or three fights by year. That is my intention, "Ngannou concluded.

Lewis as an option

The third most serious option involves Derrick Lewis. The ‘Black Beast’ is currently ranked second on the challenger rankings and has four wins in a row behind it. In addition, Lewis is also a fighter who has a victory over Ngannou whom in July 2018, just half a year after Francis ’defeat by Stipe, he made another with a unanimous referee decision.

It was a very reserved match that many at the time declared perhaps the most boring in the history of the heavyweight division. But victory is victory and Lewis is in a good position today when it comes to attacking the throne.

Ngannou may just have an extra motive for revenge for that defeat, as he did with Miocic. If he fights like against Miocic, Lewis will not have a very good chance of winning