Ngannou revealed what a mistake Stipe Miocic had made

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Ngannou revealed what a mistake Stipe Miocic had made

Francis Ngannou took revenge on Stipe Miocic and did what he could not do back in January 2018. This time in the cage we watched a more serious, mature, and willing fighter than the one who attacked the title a little over three years ago.

The 'Predator' showed progress in wrestling, was again dangerous with punches, and in the first minute of the second round he 'cashed in' everything with a brutal knockout. "Even though I have won fights so far, I had something in me that I never missed ...

The promise I made to myself when I was younger - to one day prove to everyone who doubted me and to take the opportunity to achieve something great" "I just imagined something, focused on it and it finally happened.

They kept doubting me and I finally proved them wrong. And that's why I'm happy," Ngannou said in the first reaction. He was more tactically ready than the first time and he came to a big victory in the second round ...

"That January 2018 night was the biggest experience of my martial arts career. I learned a lot from it. Even though I lost, I believe it took me to a higher level."

Stipe made a mistake

He was precise in the second round, he shook Stipe, but even then he received a blow, but he was still the one who celebrated.

"He touched me with that kick, but I was pulling back because the team kept telling me to calm down. He made the mistake of continuing, maybe he thought I was shaken, but then I caught him." "I'm with the team and the coaches a lot.

I worked on everything, on every detail. I learned how to relax and give my best, instead of complaining ... " This time in the corner he also had the help of Kamaru Usman, the current welterweight champion. "I asked him to be in my corner, I knew he was going to be my emotional support.

Besides, he's a top wrestler, and I knew that was going to be an important factor." Jon Jones is interested in the match, we have been waiting for his heavyweight debut for some time. "He is, in my opinion, the best MMA fighter of all time.

He is a challenge I would accept. A good challenge. I am ready for July, August ... Whenever," the new heavyweight ruler concluded.