What MMA experts say about the fight between Ngannou and Miocic?

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What MMA experts say about the fight between Ngannou and Miocic?

The American specialized sports TV station ESPN, added their contribution to the upcoming UFC 260 fight in Las Vegas, early Sunday morning according to our time, between the American Croatian Stipe Miočić and the Cameroonian Frenchman Francis Ngannou.

American TV colleagues asked some UFC experts there for their vision or forecast of the upcoming fight. It just needs to be repeated Thus, Javier Mendez, a coach from the American Kickboxing Academy, will initially give preference to Miočić, but under one prerequisite "If Stipe Miočić implements the same fightplan as last time, and it meant wrestling, then Stipe wins.

If not, he will be knocked out. Simply, if you go for Ngannou's strength by wrestling, you will get him." "Ngannou is huge, he has tremendous muscle mass that he has to move to hit, so the safest way is to beat him by wrestling.

Of course, in order to get him to wrestle at all, you have to prove to him with punches in a standing position that you can hurt him, give him a little to think about." "Just what is very important in such experienced fighters, Stipe must not only think of wrestling, but he should be camouflaged and make the opponent wrestle.

So there have to be some punches." "On the other hand, I look a little older, Stipe is 38 and no matter how good he looks, he is not bypassed by age like anyone."

Montoya on their fight

The other expert questioned was Marc Montoya, an MMA coach who emphasized one at the outset.

"First, Stipe and I are very good friends. I will try to be objective though and say that Stipe just needs to repeat the same thing he did in the first fight." "Why change something that goes well and ends well? This is not to say that Nganou has not progressed, but he has the strength of the muscles to carry, and if the fight is prolonged, it will not be an advantage for him."

"So I think Ngannou only has a chance if he finishes the fight within the first two rounds, all the longer than that he increases Stipe’s chances." Ngannou in the third round The third expert interviewed was Jim West, another MMA coach who is close, which he did not hide, to Ngannou's staff.

"I'm closer to giving Francis an advantage." "I think my friend, coach Eric Nicksick, adapted him better than the first time. The first fight was quite strenuous. This time he will fight in a smaller cage and that goes a bit in Stipe’s favor as I’m sure he wants to take advantage of more wrestling."

"I think Francis will be able to neutralize most of what Stipe wants, keeping him at a distance. I believe Francis will set himself up quite differently and have a defense for wrestling."