Cormier: "I think Francis will knock him out this time."

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Cormier: "I think Francis will knock him out this time."

The big heavyweight rematch is around the corner. The night from Saturday to Sunday brings us a new meeting between Stipe Miočić and Francis Ngannou, and how some of the most famous faces in the MMA world look at this duel, the British talkSPORT showed in a great compilation.

We emphasize that the collected statements were made in the last few months and therefore it is possible that some individuals have changed their minds in the meantime ... Daniel Cormier: "I think Francis will knock him out this time.

Stipe suffered too much damage in those fights between the two of us. This is perhaps the best Miocic version we've ever seen. He got better and faster. He lost a few pounds and is more committed to everything." "His hands are fast, but he hasn't lost anything in the strength of the blows.

But ... Francis seems ready to challenge Stipe at a level he wasn't ready for the first time Francis used to lose weight to the upper limit of the heavyweight division!" "Now he weighs 113 pounds, which means about seven less, and he seems to understand that for a long fight he has to be smaller and slimmer.

" Curtis Blaydes: "I'm here with Stipe. His tactics in the last fight were solid and effective. I don't see any reason to change anything for this duel. Besides, I still believe that Francis is not competent enough for Stipe in his defensive 'grappling'

Khabib Nurmagomedov: "Miocic and Ngannou ... Honestly, it's very difficult for me to predict a winner. They're both very good. I don't know ... This is 50/50."

Adesanya and Thompson on the fight

Israel Adesanya: "I have a feeling Ngannou was in love with his strength in the first match.

He knew he could put his opponents to sleep with one touch. He learned a lot in the first fight and I think that made him better." "I talked to him and I know what he is for all capable. He's a smart fighter and I can't wait for this match.

I'm rooting for my brother. " Stephen Thompson: "Stipe. I believe he can repeat the same thing as last time. Obviously, Francis has made a lot of progress, but so has Stipe. His ability to adapt during a fight is amazing.

I think he can use clinching and wrestling as a tactic for Ngannou." Derrick Lewis: "I hope Francis wins, that would be great. But honestly, I don't care. I'm trying to give you a politically correct answer. I hope he wins, but I don't know why. They're both in my category and I don't like any of them."