Junior Dos Santos is making new plans for the future

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Junior Dos Santos is making new plans for the future

Junior Dos Santos will certainly continue his fighting career. The former UFC heavyweight champion did not sink morally after his longtime employer showed him the exit door. The 37-year-old Brazilian still has the desire to prove himself in the best possible competition, and the situation at the moment is such that he would find the most challenges in Bellator.

In an interview with Brazilian AG Fight, he revealed that Bellator sounds very attractive to him, and then he mentioned three fights that he would agree with immediately. Certainly, the most resonant name is that of Fedor Emelianenko.

"I'm a big Fedor fan and it was something special and very cool if I got a chance to fight him. I don't know what the situation is with him and if he's still fighting, but I know he's in Bellator."

"Bader who called us and wishing a welcome would also be interesting. He is a very good fighter. The rematch against Alistair Overeem is also something interesting and could happen at Bellator, "he said.


Fedor Emelianenko is still a member of Bellator and should do one or two more fights at the end of his career, but Scott Coker said that he will not organize them until he can perform in front of full stands, ie he believes that it makes no sense that one of the biggest in history retirees in a fight without spectators.

But it’s hard to expect Coker to give him Dos Santos, who is still in good fighting years, in that case as well. For Fedora, he has already announced fights against veterans at an equal stage of his career. As for the other two, Bader is a very realistic option, especially since Dos Santos would have the ambition to go for the title, while with Overeem things don’t seem that way.

From some of his statements, it could be assumed that retirement is the most likely option for the Dutchman. We know that Junior already has several offers, but until this statement about Bellator, it seemed to be the closest to boxing or at least knuckle boxing.

In the end, he will probably decide who offers him the best conditions and challenges. Despite everything, Dos Santos still looks motivated and as if he is ready to wait for the next fight. It will be interesting to see how he manages in the new organization