Stipe Miocic's wife revealed his routine

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Stipe Miocic's wife revealed his routine

UFC cameras have revealed to us that Stipe Miočić and Francis Ngannou are spending their last days before the big rematch and UFC 260, which they will lead in Las Vegas this weekend. Before heading to the city of gambling and entertainment, the current UFC heavyweight champion did his last shift at his fire station, and it seems like there was no mercy for "the meanest man in the world" this time either.

"I usually choose a shift a few days before departure. This is a Friday, night shift, and on Monday I go on a trip," Stipe explains his rhythm as he washes the dishes with a sponge in his hand after a meal with colleagues.

As soon as he finished the dishes, Stipe grabbed a broom, swept the floor, sang, and then showed us what the rest of the Valley View fire station looked like. Miocic looks relaxed like never before, and as if full of confidence.

Or is it just a mask after all? The cameras then briefly switched to the training of his challenger Francis Ngannou, and shortly after that, we could see Miočić preparing in his Strong Style team. It was also interesting in Stipe's house where the family gathered and in the already traditional way accompanied the champion to a new great battle.

Miocic's routine

Miocic has a specific ritual and it seems that there is food that he can always eat and that his family prepares for him. Miocic wants everything to be programmed, disciplined, so it is not surprising that he is such a good fighter, because routine and discipline is something he appreciates.

"Before each flight, we eat a salad, meatballs in sauce and bread with garlic," reveals Stipe's wife Ryan Marie, and her mother then adds that there are a few pieces of pork in the dish. "It's something he always likes to eat and he constantly asks his mother or me to prepare it for him.

He loves the routine. Everything has to be the same, every time," Ryan Marie adds. In 5 days we will see a great fight between them, and it seems that both fighters are maximally ready and relaxed waiting for their match.

Certainly, most expect a real spectacle and nothing else. This match will be a spectacle that most have been looking forward to. Who will win this time?