Holland: "I'd like to hire a nutritionist and try my hand at welterweight."

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Holland: "I'd like to hire a nutritionist and try my hand at welterweight."

Kevin Holland failed to continue his streak of five successful appearances in the UFC cage. Last weekend, his nine-year-old compatriot Derek Brunson was more successful than the 28-year-old American. Holland had no response to Brunson’s wrestling and spent most of the 25-minute fight on his back.

After finishing the main fight of the UFC Vegas 22 event, Kevin obviously thought about everything and concluded that going down to the welterweight category might be the right solution for his career at the moment. "Honestly, I'd like to hire a nutritionist and try my hand at welterweight.

These characters in high school are pretty tough. It's nothing I can't handle, but it's something you think about when you do a 25-minute match," Holland told ESPN . 'Trail Blazer' made several appearances as a welterweight before his UFC career, and in the famous Octagon, he would like to have Belal Muhammad as his first opponent in this category.

"It would be great if I could try my hand at welterweight, and Belal is a character who kept mentioning my name." "His last match was interrupted by an eye sting (vs. Leon Edwards), and I was defeated in the last one.

We both wanted to fight and why not do it now? " Holland revealed his wish. "Let's go back for 15 minutes," Kevin joked, then added in a review of his last performance:

25-minute fight

Holland feels that he focused too much on the 25-minute fight and that it ultimately cost him.

It seems that the tactics prepared by him and his team were not adequate for this fight. Holland seemed to be completely wrong in tactics and could not show what he wanted. He thought a lot during the match and paid attention to some other things, which ultimately cost him defeat.

"I think I've been thinking too much all week about the 25-minute fight. A lot of wrestling in preparation and 25-minute sparring was tough." At the end of the fight, he realized that he had made a mistake and that he could have approached the fight completely differently, but by then it was too late because the opponent was very dominant and took the initiative.

"And then when I got into the last two minutes I figured it wasn't exactly that terrible, I should probably have added gas from the start. But congratulations to Brunson. He was smart and did his job well, "Holland concluded.