Nurmagomedov: "I wasn't thinking about coming back"

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Nurmagomedov: "I wasn't thinking about coming back"

Being in Las Vegas this weekend, Khabib Nurmagomedov decided to cheer up the media by coming to a press conference. This was especially important because Dana White finally declared his retirement official last week, so it was the first topic that opened up.

That is, Khabib was asked if at any time, from October 24 when he left his gloves on the floor of the cage in Abu Dhabi until today, he had considered returning. "No, I wasn't thinking about coming back, but Dana decided to call this an official retirement.

I retired five or six months ago. Dana told me that people started commenting on his announcement that I had been retired for five months." "Funny, but we talked to Dana a few times. That was the case two days ago when we sat down like two real grown men and had a nice conversation at a great lunch.

I really appreciate him as well as everything he did." Not just for me but for the whole sport. The UFC is a huge platform. A lot of people all over the world make money because of the UFC and because of that they can afford food and clothes for their family."

"The UFC does a great job and for that, I want to thank them especially. Lorenzo Fertitta, Dana and to everyone who decided to bring me in." "Joe Silva, Sean Shelby, all of these people are doing a great job.

Because of all of them, a lot of people have the money they need, "is the first thing the still current UFC lightweight champion said.

His view

He reveals that he understands people who cannot accept his decision because he understands that from his position it is not easy to do, especially in a situation where you have so many options and where you feel at the top of the world and you want it to last as long as possible.

"It's very hard when you have that power when you know you're the best in the world, when you're famous and you have money, it's hard to say no to all this." "People may never understand me because of it, but I hope they support my decision."

"Everyone has his own view of this. My view and relationship with my mother is something special. I have a feeling that I had to stop because of what I feel in every fight, in every training camp. It's not that I didn't wonder what to do," he added.