Justin Gaethje will have to wait for the title fight

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Justin Gaethje will have to wait for the title fight

A few days ago, information emerged from Ariel Helwani that the UFC was working on a fight between Justin Gaethje and Michael Chandler. The most famous MMA journalist thus revealed that he has information that both fighters have accepted the fight, but that nothing has been signed yet.

But it fell into the water yesterday after it was confirmed that Chandler would fight Charles Oliveira for the UFC title on May 15th. The question immediately arose as to whether it had someone well let out a “spin” with the aim of fooling Helwani or something was really going on, and the answer to that we have now received.

It was discovered by Justin Gaethje via his Twitter status, after which it is clear that this fight was in play until yesterday. "I woke up yesterday to train for a matchup with Chandler on May 15th expecting a bout agreement any moment.

Today that is not the case, I don't know what I do yet but I like this feeling. It was a good day at sparring practice. " It’s easy to assume the decision came after the last meeting of Dana White and Khabib Nurmagomedov, after which the UFC president lost all hope of another Khabib appearance.

After that, he probably contacted his matchmakers, with the aim of arranging the most interesting fight for the title. Gaethje, unfortunately, could not have a place there, since he attacked his last title fight and lost to Khabib.

Fight for the title

He will have to look for his chance through another fight, which we can expect to be contracted soon. There are plenty of opponents “in stock” and it will be interesting to see who the UFC picks.

Somehow in the foreground are Dan Hooker, Rafael Dos Anjos and Paul Felder, and it is possible that the opponent for "Highlight" will be sought within the trio. It seems that Gathje will have to wait a while for him to be able to fight for the title again.

The previous time in the fight for the title, he really had the toughest opponent, and Khabib's statistics said enough. He had no chance in such a fight, but Khabib was the obstacle that had to be overcome, which is almost impossible.

If he has a chance to fight for the title soon, he will have a much much easier path, and will probably be the favorite in such a fight. Still, we will have to be patient and wait a while to find out if there will be that fight and who will be his opponent.