Khabib Nurmagomedov has officially said goodbye to the UFC!

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Khabib Nurmagomedov has officially said goodbye to the UFC!

Almost a full five months have passed since Khabib Nurmagomedov's big victory over Justin Gaethje, after which the Dagestani left his gloves on the Octagon floor and thus announced his retirement from professional MMA.

He is still officially listed as the UFC lightweight champion, and Dana White has already had several meetings with him, with the goal of persuading him to return. It seems that this is finally over. The UFC president and today’s best fighter held another meeting, after which White revealed on Twitter that he was giving up persuasion.

"29-0 and that's it. Khabib is officially retired. It was amazing to watch you in your business. Thank you for everything and enjoy what follows you, my friend," White wrote alongside the shared photo. If that’s truly the final decision, Khabib is leaving the sport after 13 fights in the UFC, including winning the lightweight title and three successful defenses of the same.

Unfortunately, this is really sad, as he seemed to get better with each fight. After all, the fact that he registered all three defending titles with a break speaks in favor of that. Yet his private life, where the loss of his father affected him too much, resulted in an unpopular decision being made.

New life of Khabib

Khabib, on the other hand, has been positive more than ever lately. He continued to train, he is regularly in the gym with his teammates and fighters for whom he is also the manager, but preparing the camp is not something that attracts him more.

And he is absolutely right about that. Of course, with all this, there was some speculation that White's announcement like this could mean a lull before the storm, that is, that he persuaded him to return, but that he wanted to announce it as explosively and dramatically as possible.

But these are, as noted, above all speculations, and are denied. It is certain that the UFC will be at a big loss after Nurmagomedov finally decided not to return. The Dagestani has proven to be a great fighter, perhaps one of the greatest in the UFC, and will remain inscribed in the history of the sport.

Nurmagomedov now has other plans to focus on and will now finally have time to dedicate to some other things. It will be interesting to find out who will succeed in his title because new news has just been announced today, that Oliveira and Chandler will fight for the title.