Blachowicz believes he has an unfinished business with Jones

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Blachowicz believes he has an unfinished business with Jones

Just over a year ago, Jan Blachowicz knocked out Corey Anderson, reached the edge of the cage, and called out Jon Jones who confirmed from the front row that the Pole had caught his attention. It seemed at the time that Jan might be next in line for the best light heavyweight in history, but ‘Bones’ was by no means able to find common ground with the UFC.

And that, let us remind you, resulted in his leaving the belt and announcing his move to the heavyweight category. Jones has yet to make his heavyweight debut, but Blachowicz has meanwhile ascended the throne of the light heavyweight division.

Amazing Polish fighter first knocked out Dominic Reyes in a belt-worthy fight, and then defended his title in a 'super fight' with Israel Adesanya. Next in line should be Glover Teixeira, but despite that, Jan has not forgotten about Jones with whom he has an unfinished business.

"Jon Jones is still there somewhere and I believe I will have a chance to fight him in the future. I think everyone would love to fight him, but we'll see what the future brings." "He promised me a match, but I don't want to talk about Jones because I'm bored at the moment.

But yes, he promised me a match after I knocked out Anderson, "Jan told Just Scrap Radio.

Blachowicz is believing in himself

And if that duel ever happens, the current UFC champion believes he has a good chance at it.

Moreover, he predicts that we might look at something similar to a fight in which he defeated Adesanya by a unanimous decision. "If the UFC sends me a contract to fight Jones, my team and I will find a way to beat him.

Of course, I will try to knock him out, but I think it would be a fight similar to the one I had with Adesanya," Blachowicz concluded. Can Jan stop Jones? It would certainly not be at all strange if Blachowicz manages to beat Jones, given the qualities the Pole possesses.

Although he was an outsider in most of the matches and the bookmakers did not give him a chance to win, Blachowicz denied everything with his matches and showed that he was really underestimated. A fight with Jones would be the highlight of his career and we should definitely look forward to that match because the Pole could make a sensation again.