The UFC vice president explained why Yan was suspended and Anders was not

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The UFC vice president explained why Yan was suspended and Anders was not

Just a week after Petr Yan lost his UFC bantamweight title due to an illegal knee injury and after the case was in the martial arts throughout the week, almost the same mistake in the fight against Darren Stewart was made by Eryk Anders.

But with a different epilogue, that is, the referee's decision. Namely, while Petr Yan was disqualified for his knee blow to the head, while the opponent is in a position where the rules do not allow him to do so, Anders did not experience that punishment.

In the fight against Stewart, he was in a situation where he started to end the fight, only to be hit at one point by the aforementioned illegal kick. Judge Hern Dean immediately stopped the fight, which he eventually canceled, that is, it was a "no contest"

What is the difference between the two cases and why Anders was also not disqualified, the longtime UFC president in charge of rules and regulations, Mark Rattner, tried to explain. He gave his explanation during a guest appearance on MMA Junkie Radio.

"In Yan's fight, the referee was Mark Smith. He felt the knee kick was intentional. As Sterling couldn't continue, it ended in disqualification." "The difference this Saturday's fight is in Herb Dean's impression.

He may have guessed that Stewart, who was raising and lowering his hand, in fact in some way he was looking for that knee." "He assumed that Anders had inadvertently hit him. That is why the fight was a ‘no contest’ at the end."

"The most important thing is the referee's impression, his verdict. He has to see and decide, to assess whether it is a deliberate or accidental blow."

Rattner's opinion

"This certainly affects the final impression.

I personally think that already in the locker room it is necessary to give detailed instructions and a serious warning." "Not just for that, but for all the offenses, like grabbing the fence or moving your fingers forward.

And then without any warning in the arena, it should be sanctioned immediately, "Rattner explained his vision. This reminded many of the situation from the fight between Eddie Alvarez and Dustin Poirier, held in May 2017.

The referee at the time was also Herb Dean, and Alvarez hit Poirier twice in a row in an illegal position. Dean also found an equal solution that way, ie the fight was canceled, and the duo later did a rematch.