Derrick Lewis revealed which victory is his favorite

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Derrick Lewis revealed which victory is his favorite

With a win last month against Curtis Blaydes, whom he knocked out in the second round of their fight, Derrick Lewis became the fighter with the most knockout victories in UFC history. There are a total of 12 of them and it is quite a sample if you need to choose the one you can call your favorite.

Still, it wasn't hard for Lewis. As if he could have expected that question, during a guest appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, he revealed that his favorite win is the one he achieved in October 2018 against Alexander Volkov.

And not because he won an attack on the UFC heavyweight title, in which he failed to defeat Daniel Cormier a month later, but because of the way he came to victory. Namely, Lewis finished the fight only ten seconds before the end, which he had lost quite convincingly until that moment.

"It was my favorite win. The reaction of the audience only intensified the effect of satisfaction, because of the way they did it."


Lewis seems to have been particularly pleased with the audience but also with the individuals who were in that audience.

No one doubts how lucky Lewis was, after winning a match he was supposed to lose "Besides, I saw the reaction of the guy from 'Guardians of the Galaxy', it was worth it all," Lewis confirmed his choice, specifically mentioning the fact that actor Chris Pratt was in the audience, then further explaining what he was thinking in preparation for the fight.

He presented the match with Volkov as a match in which he was Rocky, and we all know the way Rocky beat his opponents.
It's amazing how exactly what he imagined came true in the end "At camp, I told my coach I was fighting a Russian fighter and it would be great to have some Rocky-style fight.

And in the end, that's exactly what happened. Madness, I ended up like in a Rocky movie." At the end of the mentioned fight, the statistics counted significant blows 121 against 39 in favor of Volkov. But only a moment of inattention in closing the fight took away the Russian victory and sent him a few steps back.

Looking at the current situation of the heavyweight category, ie it's top, this fight might get its revanche, which would certainly be a spectacle.