Quarantillo revealed that Sterling did not want to celebrate

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Quarantillo revealed that Sterling did not want to celebrate

Aljamain Sterling is still a victim of the internet community, ie all those who resented him for taking photos with a belt after the controversial victory against Peter Yan, which he won. Sterling has repeatedly tried to explain how the photos were a favor to the guests who visited him at home at the get-together after the fight and that he doesn’t feel like a champion.

That this was indeed the case has now been revealed by one of his guests, UFC fighter Billy Quarantillo. He confirmed that Aljamain was not in a good mood and that he actually did the socializing as if he was just waiting for the same to end.

"All those photos with him that you saw, people made him do it. Sterling didn't want any of it. They approached him, gave him a belt, and told him to put it on because it's something he's always fought for."

Sterling doesn't seem to care about that way of winning and seems to think he didn't deserve the belt.

Quarantillo on Sterling

It will be especially difficult for him to endure pressure on UFC fans who think that the belt should belong to someone else, but in the rematch, he has the opportunity to show the opposite.

With that victory, most would surely change their minds "It's not a reward only for the last fight but for now, for every UFC fight, every training session, and the whole process. They told him he should celebrate his life."

"I know what he's going through now because of that, but he really didn't want to do it," Quarantillo said in an interview with Elite Sports Network, further revealing how the UFC's new champion felt: "He didn't drink, he only took one glass of champagne.

He actually wanted to watch the fight again. Then he did it and broke down. As a fighter, that told me a lot about him because he only thought about analyzing the fight and going back to work." "I think there will be a completely different fighter in the return match."

The rematch should be organized around the summer and it seems like it’s actually the UFC’s safety plan. Sterling has already announced that he will proudly raise his belt only after that fight, which he originally left in the Octagon, but one of his teammates was still late to bring him to the mentioned gathering.