Belal: "Never saw someone act so tough after poking someone in the eye"

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Belal: "Never saw someone act so tough after poking someone in the eye"

Although there is an almost regular practice in the UFC to arrange a rematch at the first opportunity in the event after someone won in a fight after an illegal move, Leon Edwards said shortly after the fight against Belal Muhammad that he was not interested in that option.

Recall, it was the main fight of last weekend’s UFC Fight Night. Edwards successfully opened the fight and took the first round very convincingly, to hit Muhammad in the eye with his finger at the beginning of the second.

This prevented him from continuing and the fight was over and annulled. As he comes out from the same with a “no contest” outcome, Edwards did not achieve his ninth win in a row, which he believed should have secured him challenger status.

But he believes that this should not affect his ambitions, that is, he believes that despite that, he should be the next fighter to attack the title of champion. He also confirmed through his statements that he thinks that he should be the one to go for Kamaru Usman.

Muhammad responded

This of course led to the expected reaction from Muhammad, who bravely accepted the fight and then just as bravely opposed the favored fighter. He seems to have managed to provoke Muhammad who could not keep silent.

Muhammad wants a rematch with Edwards as soon as possible and seems to feel huge anger towards Edwards, but there is still much time to see if there will be a change of decision "Never saw someone act so tough after poking someone in the eye the fight was just getting going and if you satisfied to end it on that note you're soft you ain’t getting a title fight off that I took the fight on 3-week notice and came to fight run it back" It was previously confirmed that the UFC welterweight should fully recover and that there will be no lasting consequences on his eye.

No one had any objections to the end of the fight, not even Edwards, who apologized to his opponent. However, he does not have enough empathy for him to agree to a rematch immediately. He will probably be listed by the UFC if they deem it necessary.

Unlike Muhammad and the media, it will be difficult for them to say no. Whether the UFC will withdraw some moves that will lead to the fight, we will find out soon