Edwards believes he deserves a belt fight despite a previous defeat

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Edwards believes he deserves a belt fight despite a previous defeat

Although he did not manage to win on Sunday, Leon Edwards believes that he deserves a rematch with today's current champion Kamaru Usman. British ‘Rocky’ returned to the UFC cage for the first time since July 2019, but things didn’t turn out exactly as he had envisioned so instead of winning, Leon entered a ‘no-contest in Las Vegas.

The fight between him and Belal Muhammad was decided by an accidental stab in the eye, after which the judge stopped the fight after only 18 seconds of the second round. "First of all, I apologize to Belal. It wasn't my intention.

I thought I hit him with a punch, but then I saw him grab his eye and move on. I wish him a speedy recovery. It was an accident," Edwards said after the fight. Although 20 months have passed since his previous performance, Leon claims that he felt great in the Octagon.

Title attack

Edwards is not happy with his fight. He is aware that at certain moments he was better and that he could have won, but unfortunately, one of his mistakes decided and all the effort fell into the water. "Everyone was talking about 'ring rust.'

They said it was 600 days and they asked me how I was feeling ..." "Here, I felt great. I had him in the first round, and then what happened next. I wish I had shown more. This is a sad outcome ... ", Edwards said at the press conference and then revealed his great wish: "I believe the title attack should be next.

I came back after that fight with Usman and was on a string of eight wins. I was supposed to win ninth tonight, it all led to that. Obviously, I was winning." Nothing has been confirmed yet, but in recent weeks it has been rumored that Jorge Masvidal could still be next in line for the current champion.

If that happens, Leon has no intention of waiting. "I probably won't wait that long. If they fight in September, it would mean I won't be performing until the end of the year, maybe even until next. And I want to be active.

I'm 29 and there's a long break behind me. Monday or Tuesday is the day I’m going to talk to the UFC so we’ll see what we're gonna do ”Edwards concluded.