Joseph Parker is linked to a drug case

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Joseph Parker is linked to a drug case

Finally, information has become available to the public that reveals exactly which sports star is linked to an international case involving the import and supply of drugs in New Zealand. According to the NZ Herald, it is about Joseph Parker, a former heavyweight WBO champion who has not been prosecuted for the crime but has been fighting a legal battle for the past two years with the goal of keeping his name hidden from the public in situations where this case is being told.

However, the New Zealand Supreme Court has recently ruled that his name will no longer be secret. Parker was suspected of playing a role in methamphetamine imports. More specifically, it was claimed that he played a role in the transport and change of currency-related to imports, due to which several people were brought to court in 2019.

Parker denied all charges. "I have never been involved in the import of class A drugs, nor have I exchanged or transported money for defendants. I have never been involved in the purchase, supply, or consumption of methamphetamine," the famous boxer said.

Parker was embroiled in this story by text messages that one of the suspects exchanged with a California dealer. One well-known message stated that "one character was paid to make a change to the US currency", while another read: "Okay ...

I have all your money. The guy I'm on Snapchat with will change it to US currency. He won't be questioned about money because he's a WOB boxing champion and people know he's rich. So he'll change it without much torment."


The investigation also established the existence of messages via the Wickr application in which one of those involved exchanged messages with the user "joeboxerparker", which was confirmed by Parker's lawyer as his Wickr account.

Allegedly, messages sent from “joeboxerparker” accounts arranged the purchase or supply of smaller quantities of drugs. Also, according to the writings of the NZ Herald, there is a claim that the person who managed that account merged one of those involved with the dealer.

But it has never been proven that it was Parker who sent those messages. “I have not been charged with the messages to which I am associated and this has been done after a thorough investigation appears to have been conducted,” Parker said.

New Zealand police had previously tried to interview Parker about the aforementioned messages, but he used his right to remain silent. Police also received a search warrant for Parker's house, but in the end, the search never happened.