Dana White on Chimaev: "He should rest, not train."

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Dana White on Chimaev: "He should rest, not train."

Dana White does not know how the situation around Khamzat Chimaev will end. It seems that the Swedish fighter of Chechen origin is still fighting COVID-19 and his return to action has been put under a big question. Since becoming infected in December last year, Chimaev has twice canceled a fight with Leon Edwards, and three months later he is feeling the consequences of which at one point he even announced the possibility of retiring.

But Dana White said that same day that emotions spoke out of him and that Khamzat needed an honest and quality rest most of all at the moment. "Everyone loves him because he is an absolute beast, and there's his problem.

He wants to fight every weekend. He's convinced he can win the title right now." "The problem with a man like that is that you can't calm him down. He doesn't know how to slow down." "He should rest, not train.

It means rest and recovery, but he doesn't want it. At the end of the day, he is an adult and we can't control what he does every day." "I don't know, I really don't know how this situation will develop.

We'll see, "White commented in an interview with BT Sport.

Medical care in Las Vegas

Recall, shortly after the disturbing footage of Khamzat’s condition surfaced, the UFC president brought his star to Las Vegas where he was provided with superior medical care.

But despite this, due to his stubbornness, his recovery seems to be slower than expected. "You have to be home, watch movies, sleep, relax and recover. But ... It doesn't fit into his killer mentality and it's hard to control a character like that."

Dana believes that Khamzat must get serious and continue to fight a much bigger enemy - COVID 19. Rest is necessary for him and without him, it is difficult to fully recover. "He's probably never been this sick. And the difference between Khamzat and other fighters is that when they're infected they do it the way they should.

They don't run at full speed, they don't go to grappling training with characters who are healthy. It's just not done, "White concluded. All UFC fans hope that Khamzat could return to the ring soon because such a person is necessary for the UFC and people like Khamzat make the UFC a better and more interesting organization.