Dan Hardy revealed details of the conflict that took place on Fight Island

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Dan Hardy revealed details of the conflict that took place on Fight Island

A few days after the news that the UFC terminated their collaboration with Dan Hardy, a former challenger and now a prominent analyst and commentator, commented on the new situation with a somewhat longer post. Hardy, let us remind you, lost his job in the world's best MMA promotion after he had an argument with an employee in Abu Dhabi.

What exactly caused the conflict and what kind of words were said is not known at the moment, but 'The Outlaw' still revealed a part of his story to us. It seems that everything happened too fast and that Hardy is still not aware of everything and he will need time to recover from these situations.

"I apologize for the silence about this situation. I'm still looking for some answers privately and it's something that's going on. But that's why I can say it was a verbal disagreement between me and a member of the UFC staff."

"It was open, but not an aggressive conflict, job-specific.I apologized to that person for the embarrassment she must have felt because a small group of our colleagues from the British media were there."

BT Sport

Hardy also revealed to us when that happened, and he seems very sorry for everything "It happened during a short break from filming content for UFC 258, or a few hours after the show with Holloway and Kattar.

The conversation could definitely have taken place in a better location and under better circumstances, "Hardy began on his website. Although he confirmed that he no longer works for the UFC, Hardy denied the information that he lost his job at BT Sport as well.

"BT Sport has not fired me and they still want to work with me to some extent. And I am grateful to them for that. Thank you to everyone for their support in the comments that have appeared on their site. They are paying attention and making efforts, despite the pressure to kick me out completely.

" Hardy added that members of his journalism team, from the Full Reptile portal, were left without accreditations for UFC 259 held last weekend in Las Vegas. "Certain things indicate that reconciliation between me and the UFC is possible and, of course, I hope that's the case.

I haven't talked to Dana (White) yet so I can't understand his position on the whole situation," was written by Hardy