Sterlin explained the situation about the belt

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Sterlin explained the situation about the belt

After holding a long monologue in a video posted on his YouTube page, Aljamain did a new series of explanations of his actions with the UFC 259 show during an interview with MMA Fighting. As if he simply felt the need to explain his intentions and actions to everyone and to silence the critics, he repeated a lot of what has already been said, but this time he decided to personally respond to Ariel Helwani and Daniel Cormier, or comment on the statement from their show.

"I saw the last episode of Helwani and DC, where they talked about me parading around with a belt. Show me one of my posts on social media where I did something like that or where I celebrate." "I'm happy because my friends came to my house, I had 30 people who were excited to see me.

I left the belt in the Octagon and didn't even see it until it somehow showed up at my house. They surprised me while I was eating and they just put it on me, "Sterling explained in an interview for MMA Fighting how the photos were taken, adding:

Sterling explained his situation

"You had 30 cameras there and everyone was expecting some significant reaction from me, a message that I was a champion or something like that."

"They told me I should celebrate because I deserved it. I understand it all, but I didn't feel like a winner. They were there, they came for me and they wanted to photograph me with a belt. I did it even though I don't feel like a champion, but I knew it would make them happy.

I didn't do it because I wanted to promote myself. " That’s actually just part of what Sterling said before he set out to deal with critics again, so he said, among other things, that everyone would do the same as him, adding once again that he didn’t expect to get a belt but only that the fight would be undone, and a rematch agreed.

After all, you can see it all in a shared video. Of course, Cormier could not avoid retaliating, but he did so in a very polite way. In fact, he gave Sterling the best advice he could. "Boy, just leave the internet. You don't have to explain anything to anyone.

It doesn't help you. We'll always say something because that's what we do. You just have to leave it all alone. Enjoy, recover, spend time with family, and relax. You can't fight every battle, "DC told him.