Adesanya had a plan to do something that no one else did

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Adesanya had a plan to do something that no one else did

If he had beaten Jan Blachowicz by any chance last weekend, Israel Adesanya would have tried to win the heavyweight belt, but on the condition that it remains in the hands of the current champion Stipe Miočić after March 27!

Such, at least according to Adesanya's coach Eugene Bareman, was the plan ahead of UFC 259 ... Last weekend, 'The Last Stylebender' tried to add the light heavyweight title to his middleweight title, but after a full 25 minutes of fighting, the increasingly successful Pole Blachowicz defended his belt with a unanimous decision.

If the outcome had been different by any chance, 'Izzy' would have tried to achieve something that no one has been able to achieve yet - to become the UFC champion in as many as three categories. Of course, another prerequisite for this was that Stipe beat his challenger Francis Ngannou again at the end of the month.

Three belts

The Adesanya team seemed to have serious plans and it would really be a real miracle in the UFC world if Adesanya happened to win as many as three belts. Still, it was impossible to happen "If we had won this title, me and our managers, and our team would have gone all the way.

Why would we stop? We intended to go one more category, but not because of Jon Jones. Israel is close with Ngannou for the two of them to fight, but in the case of Miocic 's victory - we would go 100 percent to the end ", Bareman revealed for Sirius XM.

Adesanya's move to the heavyweight division has been mentioned several times in the past, and Bareman claims there was support for such a move. But those plans were thwarted by Blachowicz. And what happens in that whole story with an idea that involves Jon Jones? The UFC champion’s coach claims he was never part of their plans, but it was all about writing history and winning titles in three different categories.

"Jones is not part of our plans. When we work on planning Israel's career, he does not exist in any decision. If we had defeated Blachowicz, we would have tried to do what no one else has succeeded in. Of course, provided that Miocic wins," Bareman concluded. However, such plans will not be realized and there will be no fight. But it would certainly be a real spectacle