Edwards: "When it's time to fight real fighters, Covington runs away"

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Edwards: "When it's time to fight real fighters, Covington runs away"

We are in the week in which Leon Edwards should finally do his first UFC fight after the summer of 2019. "Rocky" has a turbulent period behind him, during which he was left without a fight against Tyron Woodley due to the pandemic, after which he had problems coming to the USA, and that is why he could not fight in "pandemic" conditions and was even removed from the official ranking.

However, he returned thereafter he was contracted to fight Khamzat Chimaev, which was subsequently canceled three times. With eight wins in a row, Leon is in third place in the welterweight rankings, and just contracting a fight against Chimaev made no sense, but he did not refuse the fight.

He also did not reject a replacement opponent, Belal Muhammad, with whom he will fight next weekend, although he hoped for another opponent. He had already actually accepted Colby Covington, but from "Chaos" he did not receive an interest equal to his own.

"I believed he would come forward and fight, I hoped. He says a lot through social media, but when it's time to fight real fighters, then he runs away and looks for excuses" "But I wasn't shocked, that's his character.

No, he doesn't want to fight the best. His goal is to sit on the sidelines and wait for the title fight, he doesn't want to work for it. But that's the way it is, "Edwards told MMA News.

UFC idea

He also revealed that it was the UFC's idea as soon as it became clear that Chimaev would not be ready and after they decided not to postpone Leon's fight anymore, as his break was already too long.

"They asked me if I was ready to fight him and I immediately accepted. After that, they asked him if he would fight me and he immediately refused. That was the whole story. They tried to organize it, get him to fight, but he doesn't want to.

He told them he wanted to fight for the title, "he explained. If he defeats Muhammad, who is currently in 13th place in the standings and has celebrated in eight of the last nine fights, Edwards could theoretically jump one position in the standings, that is, skip Gilbert Burns.

Colby will likely remain No. 1, and whether he will be going for Usman or will still have to accept the fight, we should find out soon.