Rakic: "It was a dominant performance that I'm happy with."

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Rakic: "It was a dominant performance that I'm happy with."

Aleksandar Rakić (14-2) was pleased with his performance at UFC 259. The Serbian-Austrian fighter defeated former challenger Thiago Santos by a unanimous decision on Sunday and got one step closer to the fight for the title.

"I'm happy. I won all three rounds. I picked up the pace, I pressed him, I'm the one leading the fight, I controlled the center of the cage, I controlled the fight in the clinch, I hit him with a few strong kicks and punches."

"It was a dominant performance that I'm happy with, "Rakic ​​analyzed his performance in Las Vegas. There was no break this time, but Aleksandar points out that, above all, his emphasis is on domination.

Rakic seems to be a stubborn fighter who wants to prove to everyone how good he is and convince them of their wrong conclusions. That happened this time as well "For me, dominance is the most important thing. I like to dominate my opponents where they are strongest.

Smith said I was a kick-boxer with sloppy kicks, and you saw what happened in that match - I took his soul. We know Thiago is a hitter so I said, 'OK, I'm going to fight him on my feet and we're going to dominate him in that segment.'


Title attack

Was this a performance good enough to get into those narrowest combinations to attack the title? "I hope so. I told Dana (White) that I'm the new face of the light heavyweight division. I'm young, hungry, I fight well, I have a good win-loss ratio, and besides, I represent the sport in the best possible way.

We'll see what the UFC decides "Thiago is already the third former challenger in a row I've fought. I've beaten them all." If Rakic continues like this, he could face Glover Teixeira, who is a great fighter, and that would surely be one of his toughest matches.

Given Rakic's form, it would not be surprising if Rakic parried Texeira and managed to win that match. Glover Teixeira is perhaps next in line so how much is Alexander actually willing to wait for his chance? "The longer you wait, the harder my opponents are.

Why? Because I am a person who progresses every day. I work on my skills every day, I have the best coaches and so much knowledge around me," concluded 29-year-old Rakić