Petr Yan lost the title due to an illegal kick

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Petr Yan lost the title due to an illegal kick

Petr Yan is no longer the UFC bantamweight champion, although in the fight against Aljaamin Sterling until one point everything seemed to stay that way. But he made a big mistake, hit his opponent with an illegal kick and everything became clear after Sterling discovered he was unable to continue the fight.

Yan came to the official press conference after the fight, where he spoke about the moment he hit his opponent with a knee to the head, and commented on rumors that he did so because he heard advice from his corner. "You saw it all, I don't know what to say.

I wasn't aware if he was on the floor or not, I was looking at his hands and I just forgot about his legs." "I had no intention of doing anything illegal. I wasn't listening to what I was being told. I was focused on his hands and on hitting him when he gets up, "Yan said, adding: "No, I wasn't aware that the blow was illegal, I thought I did everything well.

I don't know what the situation was with him, he knows better than me if he could have continued. I know what you all saw, that I dominated the fight. "

Sterling's condition

He did not want to comment on Sterling's condition, that is, whether he thinks that he pretended the impossibility of continuing the fight to make it easier for him to win the title.

"It's nasty to lose a title like this, but I also don't think he wants to win it like this. If he's healthy, I hope we can arrange a rematch soon," the Russian hopes for a rematch, adding that he has already accepted his mistake: "Yes, I am now aware of what I did and that the kick was illegal.

What I did was unacceptable and I was left without a belt for a reason. I accepted this as it is, but I will be very disappointed if there is no rematch." The rematch probably shouldn’t slow down the category too much, especially if a fight between TJ Dillashaw and Cory Sandhagen for the first challenger is arranged in the meantime.

Who knows, maybe those two fights could be found on the same program. Certainly, both matches would arouse great interest. That would be a real spectacle that could happen soon