Blachowicz: "I am the first to beat Adesanya and it feels good."

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Blachowicz: "I am the first to beat Adesanya and it feels good."

For the ninth time in the last ten fights he has done in the UFC’s Octagon, Jan Blachowicz has entered it as an outsider. During that same series, in eight of those nine fights, he celebrated, the last time this morning, when he defeated Israel Adesanya and thus defended his UFC light heavyweight title.

The top Pole did the job, especially in the last two rounds, and after the fight, he talked to Joe Rogan, who asked him what surprised him about Adesanya, that is, whether he actually got the fight he expected. "I thought he was going to be faster, but also to hit weaker.

So I didn't think he was hitting that hard, but he was slower than I believed he was," Jan said briefly, and then he explained what decided the fight, demolition he carried out in the last two rounds: "I knew that in a certain part of the fight I would knock him down and be better than him.

I am bigger and stronger, and we knew that he was not as good on the floor as I was." "We just had to wait for the opportunity, the right moment. At the beginning he was fast and he would and he would fell my intention, but as soon as he got tired I found my chances."

" The plan was to use my left hand more and hit him directly and put more pressure. But you know that tactics are one thing and fighting is another. I could do more boxing. " Many will call Jan the savior of the two categories, as Adesanya did not win the title, which would probably slow down the light heavyweight or middleweight division.

Blachowicz vs Teixeira

Israel is thus returning to his original division, where he will likely wait for the winner of the fight, Robert Whittaker and Paul Costa, while it is easy for Jan to guess what will follow. "I think Glover Teixeira is next.

He totally deserved it and I want to fight him. He's not that young and doesn't have much time, and I want to fight while he's in good shape." "But I also want to get some rest and socialize now with the family.

If he's willing to wait a bit, he's definitely going, "he announced honestly. He is also asked if he is currently feeling the best in his career, or if he thinks that this is the moment when he is at his peak.

"I wanted to knock him out and then I would feel even better, but I am very happy for this victory because he is one of the best in the world." "Now I will be one of the best in the world. I am the first to beat him and it feels good.

I have great respect for him because he is a great fighter and a great person, I was honored to fight him." "And I believe that I now finally deserve a little respect, "added another 38-year-old Pole whose sports story can be an example to anyone who intends to give up too soon. He was personally on the verge of being fired from the UFC, and then a series ensued that brought him to the throne.