White: "Amanda Nunes never cared who she was fighting."

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White: "Amanda Nunes never cared who she was fighting."

Amanda Nunes is in Dane White’s favorite fighter and it is actually very well known. Almost every time he finds himself in her company and in the media circle, White is ready to support her with superlatives, so nothing was different during the UFC 259 press conference.

This time though with one addition. "She's one of my favorites. She never cared who she was fighting. Besides, she's one of the most wonderful people you can meet. It's very easy to work with, and when she enters the Octagon she's a real beast."

Nunes seems to be training hard and everyone is fascinated by her strength and progress day by day. It seems that she is more motivated now than ever and that it will be especially difficult for her opponent this time "What's terrible about her is a story told to me by Dan Lambert, the main man of her team.

He doesn't understand how she looks better with each preparation, and this time she knocked down the male fighters she paired with. This is going to be very interesting." White said

White has a word of praise for Nunes

Also, according to him, there is no doubt that she is the best who has ever worn small gloves.

"I think Amanda Nunes is the best fighter of all time. Personally, I love her very much, and besides, she's a great person. She's also the only one who held two titles and defended both regularly at the same time," White said, to continue: "She is now defending the featherweight title against Megan Anderson, who has made nine of 11 wins by a break.

She has six knockouts and three forced surrenders." White praised both girls and believes this will be one of the best women’s fights in the UFC "You have a lot of girls who are very talented and technically great but don't have the strength to knock out another woman.

Both of the girls have incredible strength and can knock each other out, which makes the fight very exciting. " Megan Anderson will have an advantage in height and limb length in this fight, but a lot is on Nunes' side.

From experience, technique, punching power, and especially wrestling and floor fighting. She is an absolute favorite for a reason but rarely is any sport as susceptible to surprises as MMA. Maybe we see one thing in this fight as well.