Dana White explained why Overeem and Santos are sacked from the UFC

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Dana White explained why Overeem and Santos are sacked from the UFC

When two fighters who can be ranked among the biggest stars of promotion and even the sport itself leave the UFC on the same day, it is news that gets a lot of attention. The dismissals of Alistair Overeem and Junior Dos Santos for a moment put the major UFC event that follows in the background and took over the top positions of martial arts portals around the world.

Both fighters addressed the public shortly thereafter, and now we are greeted by an explanation from UFC President Dane White, who didn’t actually complicate things too much but tried to explain that it was something expected and actually natural.

"Nothing special happened behind the scenes. These are two great guys who have had amazing careers with us. People get sacked every day. I think it's very easy to find the reasons why the two of them got them. Nothing negative, it's all part sports, "White told TMZ, continuing: "Look at what they've done lately.

Look also at their age. Look at everything that's been going on lately. And here's the answer."

White showed respect for them

In the continuation, the president of the UFC also expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation with these two fighters, briefly describing what he appreciated the most about each of them.

"Alistair Overeem never said no, he never refused to fight. He was always ready to fight anyone. And JDS, he's one of the most wonderful people in the sport." "I really have nothing to say about the two of them other than just great things."

, now a former employer of two great fighters ended everything with respect According to the latest information, Junior had five more fights on the contract, and the decision came after he refused to jump in as a replacement in the fight against Marcin Tybur, at the UFC 260 event held on March 27.

It is to be expected that he will continue his career in another promotion. As for Overeem, it could be concluded from his address to the public that this is a joint decision of him and the UFC, the end result of which would be his retirement, although he did not officially confirm it in that way.

Many criticize the UFC for such decisions because these two fighters were one of the most important factors in the UFC and had great fights in that organization. Still, age seems to have been the biggest problem