Paul Costa found an excuse for defeat against Adesanya

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Paul Costa found an excuse for defeat against Adesanya

Paul Costa’s new excuse for losing to Israel Adesanya made the UFC champion laugh well. Costa, who suffered his first defeat in his career last September, surprised the MMA community these days by explaining that he was drunk before the main fight of UFC 253.

The Brazilian claims that the night before the fight with Adesanya he could not sleep, so he reached for the old recipe, he poured a glass of wine, then another, and he didn't even blink and the whole bottle was gone.

"You could say I was fighting drunk, and maybe it was just a hangover. The night before, I couldn't sleep because of cramps (in my legs). Note that this fight took place local time at 9:00 a.m. we had to get up as early as 5 am in order to be able to prepare everything in time, ”Costa said, among other things.

And now we have received a comment from the current champion on this justification: "This is ridiculous. There are certain things I did before some of my fights, but I learned from my mistakes. But always, I always did my job," Adesanya said in an interview with MMA Junkie.

Adesanya responded

Immediately after the defeat in their clash, Costa demanded a rematch and confidently claimed that in the new match the results would be different. Adesanya seems quite furious at the various excuses made by Costa and Adesanya seems to be right.

Costa is trying to find excuses and seems unable to accept the defeat he has suffered, although this defeat should encourage him to train even more and realize that defeats are an integral part of any sport. "I'll tell you one thing.

It would be best for him now to accept the fact that he lost. He was beaten, and the fact that he is trying to seek excuses will have a bad effect on him in the long run." "He seeks excuses because his ego can't handle the fact that he "The 'Skinny Clown' beat up badly.

You've got yours and now it's time to reconsider your game. You'll never get this far. Neither in life nor in this game," Adesanya advised his rival. Certainly, Costa will not remain silent on Adesanya's answer and will give him an answer, but that will not change the fact that he was defeated and he may try to take revenge for the defeat if there would be a chance.