Daniel Cormier gave an express response to Jon Jones

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Daniel Cormier gave an express response to Jon Jones

After almost every heavyweight fight that has taken place in recent weeks, it is inevitable to come across a comment of the same by Jon Jones. So it was after Cyril Gane's fight against Jairzinho Rozenstruik. In short, Jones was not impressed and announced his heavy dominance, adding that the fighting style presented by Gane against him would not pass.

But for someone to be a successful heavyweight, the ability to knock out an opponent is one of the main characteristics he must have and that could be Jones ’biggest problem. Many have already agreed, and the last in a row is former UFC welterweight and heavyweight champion and double Jones opponent, Daniel Cormier.

"Jon Jones won't be able to knock out anyone in the heavyweight division. He just doesn't hit hard enough. If he couldn't knock out the light heavyweights, he won't be able to knock out the heavyweights either," Cormier said during the DC & Helwani show on ESPN.

As Jones is one of those who closely follow what is happening on stage, especially if he is mentioned in some context, he could not do without a reaction. And he did it actually in his own style, without too many words, sharing a recording of Cormier from the end of their UFC 214 fight, held in July 2017.

It was a fight in which Jones celebrated by knocking out Cormier with a kick to the head, but his victory was eventually annulled after falling on a doping test.

Cormier's response

Of course, Cormier's response followed immediately.

He shared Jones ’post, this time from Twitter, writing his comment. "There is a difference punch vs kick, you’re still as dumb as you’ve always been, you’ll never surprise me. Dance for me, I can always make you move.

And lastly , this fight didn’t count if you forgot there was an issue...... remember?" If we look at the real picture that the numbers objectively reveal to us, and if we do not count that victory over Cormier, Jones recorded only three of his last 15 victories by technical or classic knockout (Gustafsson, Sonnen, and Rua).

Jones has rarely shaken someone, even those mentioned victories have mostly come at the expense of the damage he has done through the fight. Although he is currently at 114 kilograms, many doubt that this will significantly affect his strength of the blow and that this could be his problem in the heavyweight category.