Dillashaw on Cejudo: "I think I'm much better than him."

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Dillashaw on Cejudo: "I think I'm much better than him."

Although his suspension has expired, TJ Dillashaw still does not have an agreed comeback fight. Some combinations existed, he called out other fighters, as did many of him, but the UFC’s decision on strategy for the former champion, but also one of the most serious doping offenders, is still pending.

Dillashaw will not welcome the sympathy of the fans on his return, but he believes that he can bring them back with his performances and victories. He could have sympathy already in the first fight, perhaps only if on the other side stood the most hated Henry Cejudo, the fighter who won against him in his last fight.

He was asked about him in Mike Swick’s podcast. In fact, the question was whether “Triple C” was on his list. "I can't say I've really thought about that list of mine, but if there was such a list, Henry Cejudo would definitely be on it.

At the mention of his name, I think King of cringe was very 'cringy' and he's good at it."

Dillashaw on Cejudo

"But, it was one of those fights that I got off to a much better start, although I don't want to take anything away from him, "said Dillashaw, continuing: "I think he's a phenomenal athlete and a gold medalist.

But I give him a lot more credit for winning that Olympic gold than for winning the UFC title. I've been wrestling my whole life and I know how hard it is and how much success he's made. But as an MMA fighter, I think I'm much better than him, especially if we look at versatility.

" TJ believes that Cejudo has no basis for being considered one of the best ever, but that a lot of things in his career have simply matched with a large dose of what you still need to have and without which there is almost never real success.

"He was lucky, so his career was done this way. Especially if we look at the way he retired, you can't help but think how lucky that guy was. I want that fight because I know he's not as good as he thinks he is."

"But my priority is to get back the championship belt. Whatever the path to get there, it doesn't matter if it means winning over the first five fighters or a fight in which I immediately fight for the title, I want to win and defend it and send a message to everyone, "he explained his ambitions.