Khabib after Edgar was knocked out: "He needs someone to tell him - that's enough."

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Khabib after Edgar was knocked out: "He needs someone to tell him - that's enough."

At the time Khabib Nurmagomedov made his UFC debut (January 2012), Frankie Edgar was the best lightweight fighter. The legendary 'The Answer' concluded an unforgettable trilogy with a knockout in the fourth round a few months before the arrival of the undefeated Dagestani on the biggest stage and stopped Gray Maynard while defending his title.

But the years have taken their toll and today Edgar finds it much harder to win, and the defeats he experiences in the Octagon are much harder. Although he is still part of the elite and we regularly watch him in fights with TOP UFC fighters, some believe that the time has come for 39-year-old Frankie to end an extremely rich MMA career.

A look at his latest performances would suggest to us that this is the right move. Namely, Edgar has been defeated in four of the last six appearances, and at the same time, he has suffered the only three knockout defeats in his career.

The last one is the work of Cory Sandhagen who brutally put him to sleep in just 28 seconds of the fight and thus kept him away from the opportunity to attack the throne of the bantamweight category.

Edgar thinks it's not time for him to leave UFC

Although he suffered a heavy defeat in that duel that was not at all pleasant to watch and after which he did not know about himself for some time, the former UFC champion revealed that he intends to continue his career.

"I'm not going to be the guy they're constantly knocking out. I'm going to look in the mirror and get something out of this. I don't think it's time for me to leave yet. I don't know when it will come, but I'm aware it's coming," Edgar said after the match.

But is that the right move? If you ask Khabib, he will tell you that the time Frankie is talking about has already arrived and that someone close to him must tell him - "That's enough!" "I immediately sent a message to Ali (Abdelaziz) to find out how Frankie is.

Because it was a tough knockout, and I know Frankie, his kids, and his family. Of course, I sympathize with him," Khabib said at a gathering with the media, adding : "I don't want to watch my friends lose by such knockouts.

At his age, it's not good to compete in that weight class. He needs someone to tell him - that's enough." "Yes, I understand that we all want to make money, but there are other ways. Your age doesn't care about your name.

You should stop when the game overtakes you, "Nurmagomedov concluded according to RT Sport's translation