Khabib: "McGregor can't be at the top again, that's impossible."

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Khabib: "McGregor can't be at the top again, that's impossible."

Conor McGregor is not giving up and intends to prove through his next performances that he still belongs to the very top, but Khabib Nurmagomedov is not so optimistic when it comes to the future of his biggest rival. Namely, the undefeated Dagestani is convinced that the story with Conor's best days is over.

The Irishman returned to the cage after a one-year break, but against Dustin Poirier, he could not repeat the success of 2014 and in the second round of the main fight of UFC 257 suffered the first defeat by knockout in his 13-year professional MMA career.

Immediately after that match, McGregor expressed his wish and called on the UFC to organize his third match with 'The Diamond' It is a fight through which the Irishman would try to regain the loss, but confirm that in the absence of Khabib he is still number 1 in the lightweight category.

Yet lately we can see that Conor McGregor is not nearly as good as he used to be, or is it that his opponents have progressed and become much better? Most believe that McGregor can never be the old one, and there are many reasons for that.

McGregor is in his serious years and seems to no longer have that passion in him and the speed he possessed.

Motivation and self-confidence

In addition, he has achieved everything he wanted in MMA and his motivation cannot be the same as before, which everyone is aware of.

Maybe after these defeats, he regains his motivation and shows that he can still do a lot. Most consider Khabib Nurmagomedov to be the biggest culprit for the Irish’s bad form. After the defeat by Khabib, it was certainly very difficult for McGregor to mentally focus and try to forget about that defeat.

Especially if we take into account the Irish mentality and his self-confidence. "Never. There's no way a man can be at his peak twice," Khabib commented on Conor's ambitions in an interview with ACA fighter Magomed Ismailov.

"I'm not just talking about him. I want to say that any man can't be at the top twice. The team, on the other hand, could do it. For example, Real Madrid managed to do it several times in a row. So, with the team, it's still possible, but when we talk about one man - it is impossible, "Khabib concluded. Do you agree with the still current UFC champion?