Usman believes Covington made a big mistake by refusing to fight Edwards

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Usman believes Covington made a big mistake by refusing to fight Edwards

Kamaru Usman believes Colby Covington made a big mistake when he refused to fight Leon Edwards. Recall, shortly after Khamzat Chimaev had to cancel his appearance (due to health problems) in the main fight of the UFC Fight Night scheduled for March 13, the leading MMA promotion turned to other solutions, so at one point the main candidate for a new Edwards opponent became a former challenger Covington.

But Colby was not interested in the fight at all, so, among other things, he said in his commentary on the idea that he was not his "benefactor" “He’s irrelevant, he beat a bunch of bums, and fighting him would be a charity auction,” Covington said last week.

Current champion Usman, on the other hand, does not support that move of his rival. "I think he made a big, huge mistake. Who turns down the opportunity to make money? He turned down the salary. It's terrible and it's not done."

"Maybe he doesn't really need the money, but you can't reject the salary. Besides, you missed the opportunity to remind fans, ”Usman said in an interview with MMA Junkie. Kamaru also clearly believes that Covington has not yet earned a new chance in the title fight.

Usman on Covington

Namely, their first meeting took place in December 2019, Usman celebrated with a break in the last minute of the fight, and Colby subsequently recorded only one match and one victory (vs. Tyron Woodley).

"It's one win in how much time? Woodley has lined up two or three defeats and it's hard to say after that, 'Okay, you have one win, you're in the combinations again'" "Just sitting down and making demands like you've done enough.

First of all, you weren't even the first choice. You still aren't. And it's not like you're achieving crazy PPV numbers." "I think it's funny that you demand a title fight. I think you'd best solidify your position with a fight.

And the best chance for that is to knock down a third-ranked fighter?" "He's a guy who climbs the rankings and someone who claims to deserve a belt fight. Is there a better chance? But he missed that too and so I think he made a huge mistake, "concluded Usman who after the victory against Gilbert Burns as his next opponent wished Jorge Masvidal.

Let’s also mention that in the meantime, the fight against Edwards has been accepted by Belal Muhammad, a fighter who has four wins in a row and is currently set as the 13th challenger in the welterweight category.