Derrick Lewis currently not thinking about the fight for the title

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Derrick Lewis currently not thinking about the fight for the title

Shortly after Derrick Lewis found the blow that put out Curtis Blaydes, along with his current championship ambitions, the American heavyweight and new UFC knockout record holder gave a statement to Michael Bisping, in which he actually revealed what his plan was for this fight, which he fully accomplished.

"I knew that kick would come and I was just waiting for it. I didn't think about any combinations or direct, I knew it would go down and I would hit with an uppercut or a knee," said Lewis, who had no intention of squandering his championship ambitions.

: "I don't know what's next for me, it doesn't matter to me. Jon Jones is coming into the category and he's going to fight for the title. There's no point in me saying now that I'm going to fight for the title when it follows him."

However, he was faced with the question of which of the possible opponents in the fight for the title sounds the most attractive to him. Is it Stipe Miočić, Jon Jones, or Francis Ngannou, whom he has already mastered? "If I could choose, it would be Stipe.

I love those wrestlers," Lewis added before heading to the locker room. "Black Beast," said a lot more at the press conference. Starting with a comment on the fight and how he felt in the Octagon.

Lewis described his fight

"I was sleepy.

From the warm-up to entering the arena, the first and second rounds. My body couldn't wake up, and I don't know why. I didn't have the energy I needed today. I wanted to be more explosive in the first round, but I couldn't pull the trigger."

"So in the end I just waited for it to go into demolition because I knew it was going to happen, "he commented on the blow, but also those few unnecessary ones, which he directed to the floor before Judge Herb Dean jumped in and stopped the fight.

"Some fighters can make that click and stop, I can't. I attack until the referee stops because you never know what's going to happen. Who knows, he can turn into an 'Undertaker', get up and receive all those blows.

" Then he turned to whoever he wanted for the next opponent. Even before the fight, he said that after Blaydes he wants Alistair Overeem, who has been his wish for some time. Now he just confirmed it. "I want Overeem next.

As I said before, I'm ready. I want that fight as soon as he runs out of time due to the knockout he experienced." "But that way I want a three-round fight, I just don't want five rounds again. We've been trying to negotiate a fight against him for years, we've been turned down four times. But maybe this time he accepts."