Cejud: "I know I can beat Volkanovski and Dana knows that too."

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Cejud: "I know I can beat Volkanovski and Dana knows that too."

The story of former UFC fly and bantamweight champion Henry Cejudo is diametrically opposed to that of Khabib Nurmagomedov. There is first and foremost thought of what happened after almost the same move they both made last year.

There is talk of retirement. Cejudo announced his in May after a UFC 249 win against Dominic Cruz. Although many did not believe he was serious about it, the title was quickly taken away from him, and two months later the UFC got a new champion, Peter Yan.

Khabib retired in October, following a win against Justin Gaethje, and Dana White still lives in the hope that he will return and fight once more. Thus the Khabib title has not yet been revoked, despite the fact that he claims to have ended his career.

But he expressed White's intention to try to persuade him once more. And as long as there is a fighter on the other side who was immediately stripped of his belt in almost the same situation, and now he does not react when he begs him for a fight in which he would return.

Cejudo wants to fight Volkanovski

"The fight that really appeals to me is the fight against Alexander Volkanovski. I want to make history. I've already written it, but this would be just something extra, I want to do something that hardly anyone will ever do again."

" I know I can beat Volkanovski and Dana knows that too. " "One person close to me told me that's exactly why Dana doesn't want to give me that fight, because I know I'm going to win it, and he thinks I'm going to retire again," Cejudo said on the UFC fighter Belal Muhammad's show.

So far no one has attacked the title of three different UFC categories, so the very opportunity to win the Cejudo lightweight belt would make it unique. If he came to that, it would just be something amazing and difficult to do in the future.

Looking at Cejudo’s marked unpopularity, what he said is actually probably not far from the truth. The question is whether White would be willing to give him that opportunity, whether he thinks he can beat Volkanovski or not.

And it’s certainly not out of fear that Cejudo will retire. It’s hard to imagine White willing to accept a situation where his historical success will put him as unpopular a fighter as Cejudo is.