Rafael Alves was left without a fight due to being overweight

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Rafael Alves was left without a fight due to being overweight

Anyone who follows martial arts and the media more closely was unpleasantly surprised by UFC fighter Rafael Alves yesterday. He was supposed to perform at UFC Fight Night 192, but his fight was canceled after his weight was 71.5 pounds.

The problem is that his fight was contracted in the one up to 66, which is also the biggest recorded “weight loss” in UFC history. The fighter, who won his contract last summer via the Contender Series, went to the featherweight category for the first time since 2014 but says that he would have succeeded if he had not felt health problems, which he claims were caused by his meal.

"The day before I ate salmon and started to feel bad. I had nausea and diarrhea, the doctor said I should be treated by drinking water. I only had two pounds to lose to weigh, but after the water, my weight jumped and just stopped.

In the end, I didn't get permission to fight, "Alves said via a text message sent to MMA Fighting. Just two days earlier, he told the same site about how his teammate Colby Covington advised him to continue his career in the lightweight category, and in that way, he revealed how many kilograms he has outside the training camp.

Covington advices

"Colby is constantly telling me to change the category. He told me I'm too big for this category and no one will be able to catch me even in the easy." "After this fight, I definitely go into the lightweight category.

And Colby is right. My normal daily weight is about 88.5 kilograms, and I lose weight at 66. At 70 kilograms, I will always lose weight without any problems. In fact, I could fulfill that today, "he revealed that way. Eventually, he stepped on the scales with a weight that would be too much for him and for the lightweight category.

Sports fans immediately started calling for the cancellation of the promotion, but he added in another message that it would not happen. "UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby told me that health comes first and that things like this have happened to champions before.

He told me that I would fight in the lightweight division and come back stronger." "I won't get fired because they had to change my opponents, some said they would fight in the lightweight category and some in the featherweight category, so I couldn't really focus. But from now on I'm fighting up to 70 pounds, I'm focused and no one will stop me, "he said