Arlovski: "I want to fight as long as I can and of course I want to be a champion."

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Arlovski: "I want to fight as long as I can and of course I want to be a champion."

Andrei Arlovski will do his 34th fight in the UFC this weekend. 16 years after lifting the UFC championship belt for the first time (thus temporary), the 42-year-old Belarusian continues to push his way, as the second oldest heavyweight on the entire UFC roster.

And he’s actually doing well and has celebrated in three of the last four fights in which he has performed. The fight against Tom Aspinall will be his 16th in a row he enters as an outsider. He opened some of those 16 as a favorite, but he always became an outsider until the fight.

The last one, which he achieved against Tanner Boser, is actually the second biggest outsider victory in a single UFC fight in 2020. So, he has been written off for a long time, but Pitbull is still unhindered. Those 16 in a row is unquestionably a record of what the question is whether anyone will ever be able to break it.

In addition, it’s worth noting that in 20 fights since returning to the UFC, it was only against Frank Mir that he was the favorite.

Arlovski still wants to fight

"I want to fight as long as I can and of course I want to be a champion.

That's what I'm doing this for. I've shown it in the last two fights, I've stuck to tactics, I completely trusted my coaches and I succeeded," Arlovski commented on the press conference. He has changed his fighting style in recent years to minimize the damage he receives and is also one of the most active fighters on the entire UFC roster.

While so, he intends to continue to fight. He knows when he intends to stop, he was even close to it once, but after a series of five defeats, which he suffered in 2016 and 2017, he still gave himself another chance and it paid off.

But if something like this starts to happen again, there will be an end. "I'm definitely not going to force it when it doesn't work anymore. I have no intention of being a punching bag to some fighters who would build their name through me.

I have two kids, I'm a smart man." , the legendary fighter confirmed his intentions. Once a great knockout fighter who entered every fight openly, today a fighter who looks carefully at every blow and every attack.

Of his last ten fights, the only one didn’t go to the referee’s decision, but that’s the way he extended his career. Any talent that opposes him, like Aspinall that this exam follows, will have to find tactics to respond to the attentive, calculated and tactically detailed Arlovski.