Derrick Lewis: "I want to send Blaydes to intensive care"

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Derrick Lewis: "I want to send Blaydes to intensive care"

After the fight between Curtis Blaydes and Derrick Lewis was canceled late last year, Lewis showed serious concern for the condition of his opponent. Many wondered if this was just another in a series of his jokes or if “Black Beast” took his opponent’s situation with COVID quite drastically.

Today, when the fight was re-arranged and literally ahead of us, he explained what it was all about. "I was wondering what happened, why he canceled the flight, and if everything would be okay with him. I was just worried because I didn't want anything bad to happen to him."

" I don't like the guy, but I wouldn't like him to end up in intensive care because of COVID. I only want to see him there if I sent him. So I felt sorry for him that way, "Lewis told a news conference ahead of Saturday's event.

Lewis wants to fight against Overeem

Against Blaydes, he will be looking for a win worth returning among the relevant challengers. Still, he is not looking to the title fight, Lewis doesn’t have it in his plans, at least not as the next fight after Blaydes.

A slightly older wish is his priority here. "I'd like to fight Overeem next. I don't know if he'll still be there after the last fight, but he's been too loud lately. I'm not the one talking nonsense, I don't talk behind the backs of other fighters because I know how hard this sport is."

" I will not disrespect him now because of his last performance or something like that. But he said all sorts of things about me, so I want him for the next opponent ", he expressed his wish, additionally addressing the Dutch star: "If Overeem is watching this, I want to tell him he still has what it takes.

Look me in the eye, you have it. Don't retire yet, I still want a part of you. I want to splash those cheeks." Lewis will be looking for his 16th UFC win in the fight against the Blaydes. Of the previous 15, 11 he achieved by knockout.

In the history of the UFC, the only one who is better is Vitor Belfort with 12. That fact speaks about how good and serious a fighter Lewis is and that any opponent should cautiously enter a match with him. It will certainly be interesting if there is a fight between Overeem and Lewis