Dana White: "I’m degenerate and I like to gamble."

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Dana White: "I’m degenerate and I like to gamble."

Dana White has never hidden his passion for gambling, and in a conversation with ESPN, he called himself a “degenerate” when it comes to gambling. There are more and more bookmakers and countries that have legalized MMA bets, offers are getting richer, and payments are more numerous and more frequent.

Such a development on the betting scene is, at least in the opinion of the UFC president, a good thing for MMA because bets, after all, generate more interest and fan engagement. "Obviously it's a thing that people like to do.

That's why everything you watch becomes a lot more fun and interesting," White said, admitting in the continuation of the conversation and that he bets himself: "For every sport that interests me. For every game on Saturday, I want to know what the offer is, I always look at the situation with the fights."

Taylor and Pavlik

He also revealed a detail from 2007 when he bet on a match between Taylor and Pavlik. He was convinced that his favorite would win and decided to put money on him. Still, it turned out to be the wrong decision because Taylor lost that match “I love table games, I’m degenerate and I like to gamble,” added White, who in an interview with ESPN Sports Betting also recalled one boxing bout where he lost a bunch of money.

Namely, in 2007, White bet that Jermain Taylor would beat Kelly Pavlik, and the surprise prepared by Pavlik cost him as much as a million dollars. "Oh my God, what was that kid's name? Jermain Taylor. And who did he fight? I remember the beating he got.

He fought a tall, skinny Ohio kid, Kelly Pavlik." "I put a million dollars on Tylor, and this one destroyed him. It was the first time I had invested a million dollars in a bet because I was convinced of Taylor's victory, "White recalled.

By the way, this is a match in which Taylor lost his WBC and WBO middleweight titles by technical knockout in the seventh round, and he failed to avenge the unexpected defeat in February 2008, when Pavlik defeated him by a unanimous decision.

It is a well-known fact today that most famous people in the world of sports gambling more and more and that it is a source of entertainment for them, but also a vice that can become a serious addiction.